About Real Meals

Tired of eating processed and chemical filled foods but don't have the time and the patience to cook from scratch? Well that's where we come in. We at Real Meals are dedicated to creating “clean” meals from scratch just like Grandma used to make. “Clean” to us means using certified organic or natural ingredients. All our meals are hearty, healthy and traditional “comfort foods.” Not only will you love our meals but so will the kids. All of our meals come frozen and packaged in containers that are microwave and oven safe for your convenience. Each menu item includes specialized heating tips to maximize the flavor and consistency of the meal.

Gluten free orders are special order and require 7 days notice.

 Please contact us prior to ordering if you have food allergies, not all ingredients are listed.

Order online, by telephone or by email.

Company Background

Real Meals founder Sarah is a mother and wife. She knows first-hand how hard it is to juggle work, a household, extracurricular activities and the time to squeeze in preparing healthy meals. When her two boys were young, it was difficult to find prepared meals without an ingredients list requiring a science degree to understand. Eating real food with real ingredients is very important to us and making meals from scratch is key. We know most people don't have time or the patience to cook from scratch which is where we come in.

Real Meals is a business of convenience; we provide healthy frozen meals that we deliver to allow busy families and individuals to enjoy the little free time they have. Our service saves you time by not having to drive, shop, prep and clean up. We provide you with a healthy product by using a combination of certified organic and natural ingredients, locally sourced when available. Our products are convenient all you have to do is thaw, reheat and eat. Not only is our packaging freezer, oven and microwave safe, it’s 100% recyclable so we can all live happier, healthier, and sustainable lives!