You Ask We Answer

Q.  When is order cut off for next week delivery?

A. Every Friday at 5pm

Q. When will my order be delivered?

A. If you placed your order by the Friday 5pm deadline then your order will be delivered on your schedule municipality day which can be found under "Delivery Information" or "Delivery Calendar".  If you missed the Friday 5pm deadline then your order will be delivered the following week.  For example if you place your order on Saturday May 12th  and you live in Vancouver, your order will be delivered on Tuesday May 22nd between 6-10pm.  

Q.  What if I can't be home during the delivery times?

A.  If you are unable to be home during our delivery times we require a cooler to be left for us to place the order in along with a freezer pack or two.  If that is not possible we are always happy to accomodate other arrangements, such as leaving the order with a neighbour or rescheduling your delivery for the following week.  Please note any return deliveries requires an additional delivery fee.

Q.  Is a subscription required or minimum orders needed for delivery?

A. We are not subscription based.  We make weekly and monthly deliveries depending on the municipality.  Tuesday and Thursday delivery areas are weekly and have a minimum order of $100 for free delivery delivery or a $5 delivery fee is required.  Wednesday delivery areas are monthly and there is a $100 minuminum order requirment as well as a $5 delivery fee.  Please refer to our "delivery information" page or "delivery calendar" for which day your delivery day would be.  

Q. Can I order for someone else?

A. Absolutely.  When you place the order make sure to put your information in the billing section and the reciprients information in the shipping section.  Please make sure to leave a contact number for the reciprient as we send out reminder texts the day of the delivery as well as a courtesy text when we are en route to making the delivery.

Q.  How do the gift cards work?

A.  Our Real Meals gift card is a electronic gift card.  When making the purchase make sure to put all shipping and billing information to yourself.  If you put the reciprients information in the shipping section the gift card email will end up in their trash folder.  You will receive 2 emails; one is a confirmation of the order the second contains the gift card link.  Feel free to open the link and check it out or print off a copy of the gift card to include in a card.  You can then forward the email to the reciprient with a personalized message.

Q. Are you able to customize any meals for dietary allergies or restricitons?

A.  Absolutely.  Please email us with a list of menu items that you would be interested in ordering along with what restricitons or allergies you have.  From there we will provide you with a quote for the customization including the minimum order requirements for each menu items that you would need to customize.  

Q.  What does "Gluten Friendly" means?

A.  We use the term gluten friendly because we work in a shared kitchen that is not gluten free.  We are however the only producers in the space at our time of production, follow all safety guidelines for sanitation of equipment and work spaces as well prepare our gluten friendly menu items in one batch and our our gluten containing menu items in another to avoid any cross contamination.

Q. What happens if I do not confirm my availability or respond to the text message I receive the morning of my delivery day?

A.  If we do not receive confirmation by 4pm the day of your delivery day you order will be rescheduled for the following week.